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    So many colours!

    Simply replace the Cord

    Add your own vibe to your outfit! Swap out the Cords on URBANY'S Phone Necklaces easily—just hook it up with the open connecting ring.

    Additional protection

    Stop scratching your screen!

    The URBANY'S Screen Protector optimally protects your cell phone from scratches, dust and wear and tear and significantly reduces the risk of cracks or glass breakage.

    Altried Foundation

    Social Commitment

    We work closely with the Altried Foundation, with people with a variety of disabilities supporting us in the production of our Phone Necklaces and Eyewear Straps . The Altried Foundation takes special care of these people by offering them suitable living and working options.

    This collaboration allows us to produce high-quality products while positively impacting these people's lives. We are grateful for the support of the Altried Foundation.