Return philosophy

We are courteous, we are loyal, we are Urbany's. We try to meet every customer request and like to close one or both eyes. 

We are aware that something can go wrong and that it is ordered incorrectly. We also understand that there are times when an order does not like or does not fit and is therefore returned. No problem.

Of course, it can also be that the mistake is ours and we accidentally send the wrong item. It shouldn't, but it can. We are human too and we also make mistakes. In this case, we will immediately replace the incorrectly delivered product and include a return label so that the exchange is free of charge.

What we do not understand, however, and should not be the purpose of our right of return, is the - let's call it - "online shopping habit", whereby several items are ordered for viewing and the majority or even the entire order is sent back.

We go to great lengths to present our products as truthfully as possible and to provide information about any possible ambiguities. If something is still not clear, we are of course there at any time and will help as soon as possible. Usually within a few minutes or hours.

So if you are not sure which color or model you like best, please write to us before you simply order everything. Every unnecessary package is one package too many. 

Thank you very much,
Your Urbany's and your environment ♥ ️